Valérie Saltray

"A french teacher for all levels to meet your specific objectives with efficiency and fun!"


I am a certified French teacher from the North of France, near Lilles. Previous experience includes working for a college in the USA, Investment Companies, for the American Embassy in Luxembourg and for the Alliance Française in The Netherlands.


After my travels I followed the sun and decided to settle on the French Riviera. I am passionate about language and had greatly enjoyed helping individuals learn a second language, so it was natural to start "Greolingua", a name incorporating the beautiful Provencal village of Gréolières where I have settled. 


Since I started the company I have been successfully teaching French to many individuals, be they resident here or on holiday, as well as helping many individuals posted in the south of France as part for their work. And since 2012

GREOLINGUA is also an Official Training Center, which provides free government-funded training for employees based here in France. 


I have an excellent command of the English language, with a basic understanding of Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Over the years I have developed my own methods of teaching, both practical and progressive, to bring enthusiasm to the lesson. You can't beat a face to face session, but with the introduction of free and easy to use video conferencing I have been able to expand my lessons to anywhere on the planet, which is both exciting and liberating for my students. 



Nick Vyse

I moved to France in 2004 with nothing more than a faint memory of school-boy French. I was starting a new business in a foreign country and my lessons with Valérie proved invaluable. 

Mia Strudwick

I've been having weekly lessons with Valerie for years - she's got me past stumbling around menus to dealing with French bureaucracy over the phone. 

Cory Modlin

I was working for an American company in the Côte d'Azur and took French lessons with Valerie for two years. We studied grammar, read the newspapers, watched movies and video clips, and I did an intensive course where we spent days going to cafes and talking to people.  Valerie is a wonderful teacher and friend.  As time passed, I was able to have dinners with our French friends and neighbours, listen to the radio, and I passed the driving licence test in French. I am back in the United States now but would be happy to discuss further


I started my French lessons with Valérie doing an intensive course of one week but at the end found, not only that it was enjoyable but also that I had absorbed a lot so I decided that I wanted to continue and have been with her for the last 5 years. Not only has my French improved but I have also found a friend and the lessons fly by far too quickly. What better way to learn French than in a relaxed informal atmosphere with a teacher who makes learning fun and enjoyable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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